Committed to Eliminating Criminal enterprises

The International Organization of Asian Crime Investigators & Specialists is committed to the betterment of communities worldwide, in the interest of public safety and homeland security. Call on us anytime for current information and advice.

Asian Gangs

The Boston and New York Police Departments noticed a troubling trend beginning back in 1978 with more Asian gangs committing murders, drive-by shootings, and other gang-related street crime.

Major cities in the United States and Canada began meeting to talk about the escalating criminal activities. IOACIS was formed, and the International Conference on Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism was born. We are always available to help any public safety agency with guidance, training, education, and networking. Networking and nteragency cooperation are the key to successful investigations.

Asian Gangs

Our Board of Directors

Executive Board
  • President Benjamin Leong - Boston Police Department (retired)
  • 1st Vice President Wesley Wong — US Attorney's Office (retired)
  • 2nd Vice President Connie Leung
  • 3rd Vice President Edward Nishi - Honolulu Police Department (retired)
  • Director of Administration - Leiry Melendez-Sullivan — Boston Police Department
  • Deputy Director of Administration - Susan Estores — US Attorney's Office
  • Director of Diplomatic Relations - Charles Bevan — Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)
  • Deputy Director of Diplomatic Relations - James Stern— Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)

  • Director of Public Relations Scott Paik — Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
  • Deputy Director of Public Relations - Jeffrey DeClerck — Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation 
  • Director of Intelligence Resources - Jerry Longo — Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission
  • Deputy Director of Intelligence Resources - David Buckley — Homeland Security Investigations (retired)
  • Director of Accounting - Sharon Wong — Boston Police Department (retired)
  • Deputy Director of Accounting - Richard Straka — Saint Paul Police Department (retired)
  • Director of Security Liaison - Kenneth Schreiner — Honolulu Police Department (retired)
  • Deputy Director of Security Liaison - Hall Hirano — Honolulu Police Department
Advisory Board
  • Jean Egan — Northeastern University
  • Jason Hahn — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (retired)
  • Kanamu Akana — Hawaii Sheriff's Office
  • Julie Connolly — Boston Police Department
  • Michelle Donnelly — US Attorney's Office
  • Yoichi Ikuta — Los Angeles Police Department (retired)
  • Genevieve Leong - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Friearms & Explosives
  • Gregory Mar — Quincy Police Department
  • Scott O'Donnell — Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission
  • Sarah O'Leary — Massachusetts State Police
  • Suzette Strickland - Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission
  • David Szeto — Cambridge Police Department
  • Lily (Lih-Jing) Yang - Taiwan National Police Agency
Legal Advisors
  • David Luty — Mohegan Sun
  • Paul Padda — The Federal Defenders
  • Tom Yu — Law Offices of Pelayes & Yu, APC
Honorary Advisory Board
  • Joshua Adelstein - Director of Japan's Subculture Research Center
  • David Au — Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Suzanne De Larochelliere — Sûreté du Québec, Montreal, Canada (retired)
  • Eddie Hernandez — Boston Police Department
  • Peter Hsieh — Homeland Security Investigations (retired)
  • Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza
  • Dean Phillips — Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)
  • Charles Ro - Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)
  • Randy Reeeves - Homeland Security Investigations (retired)
  • Tat Shum - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
  • Nathalie Stuckey - Division Chief of Japan's Subculture Research Center 
  • Thomas Toyazaki - Honolulu Police Department (retired)